Monster Maelstrom: 24 Extremely Short Halloween Stories

Looking for some short but high-quality entertainment over coffee or a snack? Grab Monster Maelstrom and fill your fleeting moments with 24 creepy and chuckle-inducing Halloween flash fiction tales. Just 5 minutes per engaging story.

Introducing Monster Maelstrom

My short story “Hounds” is featured, and it is a doozy!  If you love a good Norse scare, this is the one for you!


John Bauer [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Monster Maelstrom, the second anthology in the Flash Flood series, is a hand-picked selection of master works in humor, horror and fantasy themed for Halloween and guaranteed to keep you engaged. Watch for more Flash Flood themed anthologies coming soon!

The Guard and the Crane short story in “Echoes of Liberty” anthology

My story, “The Guard and the Crane,” was accepted in The Agorist Writers’ Workshop’s second book, The Clarion Call, Volume 2: Echoes of Liberty!! It is now available on Amazon!

From the starlet Marilyn Monroe to the privateer RedFeather; from the Normandy Invasion of 12th century Ireland to a secret bunker in WWII Berlin; from a new hope for peace on the American frontier to a last hope for liberty in ancient Athens; this year’s authors bring us stories of liberty from our past, or the past that might have been.

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