Liberty Librarian Show

Welcome to the Liberty Librarian Show!

I’m your host, Heather Biedermann. Yes, I’m a Librarian. Yes, I’m way into Liberty.


I am a host on two live streaming shows every week.

“Liberty Librarian” is a weekly entertainment livestream where we cover all sorts of interests from current events, news of the weird, books and media, and health. Every week I also feature news about intellectual freedom (privacy issues, fake news, censorship, data tracking, etc.) Sometimes with the livestream, the comments take the direction of the show into a new topic, and I love that!

My show, “Liberty Librarian,” is part of the Freedom Revolution Network. You can watch it in multiple places. If you watch on Facebook or Youtube, you can comment during the live shows every Thursday at 5pm CST.

Thank you for checking out my show!